Wednesday, March 21, 2012


So my husband rocks. He truly has been supportive of my work towards getting healthier and more fit. I mean, he could hopefully get a trimmer, more toned wife out of it. He surprised me yesterday with some vitamin supplements from GNC. They are joke hot. Oh yes, I can be hot. I took them today and I can really truly say they certainly upped my energy and not in a jittery, I-just-drank-a-pot-of-java kinda way. Could be a placebo effect, but I don't care. It worked.
I ran/walked the track today and felt good! I felt good after. I STILL feel good.
So my husband rocks.
Just sayin'.
I think it's that he went seeking something that he knew that I would like and would show that he believes in me.
Maybe it wasn't the vitamins...maybe it was just him.


  1. TAPE WORMS!!!!!! Why didn't I think of those!!!

    I'll find a distributor ASAP...combine them with the supplements and voilĂ !!!!!

    NA....YOU, and ONLY you, are the reason you WILL succeed in your endeavor!!!!!

    Keep up the hard your and belief in yourself....


  2. lmao! I need some Be Hot in my life! :) cuz right now I'm ice cooollddd baby! :) keep it up. be consistent :)